GHD Hair Dryer

GHD Travel Hairdryer & Product Set

GHD are best known in hairdressing for producing the best hair straighteners on the market – and now they have carried their expertise through with their their new folding GHD travel hair dryer! This great little GHD set includes not only the superb soft-touch rubberised GHD Travel Hair Dryer, but five top quality GHD Thermodynamics hair products and sectioning clips, all supplied in a clear travel-bag.


The dual-voltage 1000w GHD Hair Dryer can be used around the world making it ideal for taking with you on holiday, and with its concentrator nozzle styling is smoother and more controlled for better end results than any other travel dryer available. The Soft-touch finish makes the hairdryer satisfying to use time after time and the folding handle makes it easy to store the dryer in its clear bag or your suitcase.

The auto shut-off feature also incorporated means that if the wrong voltage is selected the dryer shuts itself off to prevent damage – and resets itself when cool again!

Compare GHD Hair Dryer Prices

This Great GHD Hair Dryer is Available At £38.20

Feel Unique for £33.25

Just Beautifully for £37.75

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Heat Mats

Heat Proof Mats For GHD Hair Straighteners

GHD at present do not actually do a heat proof roll mat or pouch that you can buy seperately. There are however a number of altertives out there which we have featured below.

[singlepic=13,,,,right] Amazon do a gorgeous designer Heat Mat Wrap for Hair Straighteners by South Beach Rocks with a great print and stylish design that’s practical too! They are neat, foldable and portable with two pockets to store your straightener, clips and tools. The SBR Lazy Days Heat Mat Wrap unfolds for you to rest your hot styling equipment on, whilst still using the two durable pockets. These heat proof mats Incredibly useful for transporting your styling tools, especially hair straighteners safely and stylishly – just pop it into your bag. And a must have for resting your hair tools on at home too – as they will protect your surfaces and carpets from the heat of your hair stylers or curling tongs.

South Beach Rock heat proof mats for hair straighteners are exclusive to HQHairAmazon and cost only £9.95.

Alternatively you could go for a fairly standard black Mateque heat proof mat. Available at HQHair from £9.95, at Miss Bollywood from £4.99 and The Funky Group from £7.99. These are also available in pink and do a very good job.

GHD have now released there own GHD Branded Heat Proof Carry Case that also has a detachable heat resistant mat.

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GHD Offers

Compare GHD Dark Or Pure IV Styler Stockist Prices

GHD Pure White IV Limited Edition Styler. These glossy pure white GHD Hair Straighteners gleam with virtue and glows bright with untainted pure innocence. They come complete with a case to protect the GHD Pure White Styler’s pristine state, its luscious gloss must be seen to be believed.

While the Limited Edition Dark Black GHD IV stylers will leave you dizzy with macabre toughts and heady delights. It glistens with desire and shines seductively. It is encased in a glossy black case, so your Dark Black GHD Styler is kept safely away when you are not styling your hair.


Compare GHD Approved Dark Black or Pure White Stockist Prices

Go To Exclusive Brands – £119.99 – Pure Only

Go To Just Beautifully – £134.75 – Pure Only

Go To Life & Looks £132.17 Dark Only

Go To QVC £135 Dark Only – with 2 free ghd products

Go To Amazon – £139.85 – OUT OF STOCK

Go To Amazon – £139.85 – OUT OF STOCK

* All Other Retailers Are Out Of Stock

The GHD Pure white or GHD Dark Black boast every amazing element that the standard GHD IV Styler has, only in a finish so sublime it calls out to be idolised – GHD is truly the No 1 Hair Straighteners brand. This has proved to be a very popular GHD IV styler and already the GHD Dark Black is out of stock in most salons and websites.
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GHD Mini

Compare Mini GHD IV Styler Prices

The GHD IV Mini Styler is designed especially for men and for women with shorter styles. It is perfect for spiking, creating tight curls and straightening shorter lengths of hair. The Mini GHD IV/MK4 Styler is packed with the same advanced technology as the GHD IV/MK4 Styler and the GHD IV/MK4 Salon Styler, the main difference is that the Mini GHD IV Styler is fitted with narrower plates. Use are guide below to find the cheapest Mini GHD stockists which are available online – all our featured sites are approved ghd retailers.

We Only Feature Approved GHD Retailers

Best Mini GHD Prices

Please note all the above prices include what is charged for postage at these sites, use this guide for the Best prices on the Mini GHD IV Styler.

The GHD IV Mini Hair Straightener is the smallest version of everyones favourite hair straighteners from GHD. The Mini GHD IV Stylers is designed for those ladies with shorter lenght hair or for men. With narrower 13mm plates, you get a greater control when styling shorter lengths of hair than you woul by using the standard GHD IV Stylers. The MIni GHD IV Styler is also a highly versatile tool for creating tighter curls, including beautiful spirls. Many people own both the GHD IV Styler and the Mini GHD IV Styler for a greater variety of styling. The larger-plated GHD IV Styler is used for straightening and creating larger curls or waves, whereas the smaller-plated GHD IV Mini Styler is used for finishing of styles and when tighter curls or spirals are desired. And as mention before, the GHD Mini Hair Straighteners are great for men to use, yes thats right. Men can use Hair Straighteners too.

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GHD IV Styler

GHD IV Styler

The GHD IV Styler has a sleek design and ingenious new features, this is the ultimate in styling tools. The 2.5cm/1 inch plates and rounded barrels allow you to create curls, flicks or waves and the GHD IV’s ceramic plates have even better temperature regulation, giving stunning straightness, smoothness and shine to die for! The GHD IV styler is also often refereed to as the original or medium GHD hair straightener. Out of all all three of GHD IV Styler the medium size offer the greats versatility. On our website we only list approved GHD stockists, so you can be sure you are buying the real deal.

We Only Feature Approved GHD Retailers

Best GHD IV Styler Prices

Use the table below to compare price on the medium size GHD hair straighteners from approved online stockists. Take a look at the details to see what extras you might also get.

GHD IV Styler

GHD Technical Features
The ghd IV Styler comes with the ultimate surface for a static free sheen.

New Rounder Barrel
You can use your GHDs to create perfect curls, waves or flicks, as well as a super straight look, the rounder barrel of ghd IV Styler gives you ultimate control. It’s so easy to create waves, curls and flicks that you’ll never need the same look twice.

New Sleep Mode
A new sleep mode safely turns the heaters off on your ghd IV/MK4 Styler when left unattended for 30 minutes. So don’t worry if you do forget, your house will still be in one piece when you get home.

Now with Universal Voltage
With universal voltage you can get optimum performance from your ghd IV Styler anywhere in the world and it will not lose any of it’s power.

Unique Digital GHD Technology
Improved temperature control, meaning your ghd will heat up to the optimum temperature for straightening or curling your hair – If will not get too hot, or not hot enough.

Shiver Mode
Internal condensation can damage stylers. So when the room temperature is below 8°C, your ghd IV styler will shut down to protect itself until the temperature rises again.

GHD Hologram
You can be confident you have purchased a genuine ghd hair straightener by this hologram sticker. Just a warning, you still need to be careful because websites selling fake ghd are now including fake holograms. So we would recommend you registar your ghd, to check its autehticity and make sure you only buy from a approved ghs stockist.

On/Off Button
The ghd IV Styler conveniently allows you to turn your styler off without unplugging.

Swivel Cord Attachment
The swivel cord attachment of the ghd MK4 Styler helps stop the cord from becoming twisted – which could lead to damage.

Floating Plates
Floating plates in ghd IV Stylers ensure even pressure distribution and allows you to curl and add volume to your hair.

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