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Add Some Extra Body To Your Hair With GHD Products

If you are looking at adding some extra body to your fine or limp hair and regularly use GHD Hair Stylers. Here is a great home hair care plan to follow. For hair in need of extra body, Ghd Elevation Shampoo is ideal! It plumps up and strengthens each hair, while controlling static. It has intelligent volumisers, which add body to your hair, making it look much fuller. This volumising shampoo contains guar gum which gives body to your hair, while panthenol helps to plump up the hair shaft, making it appear thicker. Elevation Shampoo also has wheat protein, which strengthens your hair, controls static and improves sheen.

After giving your hair a couple of good shampoos you should move on to using GHD Elevation Conditioner. GHD Elevation Conditioner gives your hair extra body and strength, while controlling static and improving sheen.

The conditioner has wheat protein, which strengthens your hair, while controlling static and improving sheen. Your fine hair will appear fuller as this product has intelligent, functional volumisers that give body to your hair.

Finally, use the GHD heat protection spray for normal/fine hair. This lightweight protector deflects damage when heat styling your fine hair. Ghd Thermal Protector for Normal/Fine Hair has a new formula with an extra 50% heat protection, up to 200°C!

The Ghd Heat Protector for normal/fine hair has a new heat reflection technology. This is a great product to protect your hair against heat damage. It gives you maximum protection against heat appliances, up to 200°C to ensure that your beautiful strong hair always triumphs over heat damage. The spray will deflect and absorb heat, protecting the hair shaft as well guarding your locks from the sun’s harmful rays with its added UVA protection. Now your fine hair should be fully protected and will have that added body which will give you more volume.

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Superdrug Discovered Selling Fake Pink GHDs

The BBC has reported that Highstreet retailers Superdrug, has had to recall a batch of Fake Pink GHD Hair Straighteners following fears they may not meet minimum electrical safety standards.

Customers who bought Pink GHD IV Stylers with the barcode 5060034524236 between 3 August and 17 September 2008 should return them to their nearest Superdrug store. Using the Fake GHD’s, they risked serious injury and damage to property, the retailer’s spokeswoman said.

Superdrug has apologised to customers and GHD for any inconvenience caused. The hair straighteners had been supplied by a company with no direct relationship to GHD, a Superdrug spokesman said. The retailer had been alerted to the counterfeit batch through a call to customer services, he added. “A customer called in to register her ghds, and the computer wouldn’t recognise her code,” he said.

Superdrug has been selling GHD hair straighteners from the “grey market” for some time and they had no customer complaints, he added. A spokeswoman for ghd said it did not supply the products in question and did not supply unapproved high street retailers. This is a lesson to be learnt, even well kown highstreet retailer can get caught out and just for the record GHD do not supply to the highstreet. So if you see a highstreet retailer selling GHD’s, they did’nt get them directly from GHD. They may not be fake, but you cannot gaurantee they are genuine as this case has proved.

The GHD Spokesperson went on to say that. “The health and safety of our customers is paramount and as such we actively encourage purchase from approved stockists only,” she said.

To ensure you are buying a genuine GHD always buy form a Approved GHD Stockist

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GHD Heat Protection Spray

Using any extreme heat (hair straighteners, hair tongs, hair dryers) to style our hair, we can cause damage to the hair shaft- even if you are using a great product like the GHD Hair Straighteners. It is important that you use some form of Heat Protection with your GHD Stylers to help keep you hair in tip top condition and replenish any lost moisture from GHD hair styler use.

Here we have listed the best online prices for the GHD Thermodynamics Heat Protection Spray. GHD Heat Protection oil comes in three differenr form, depending on your hair type. Dry & Coarse – for really thick hair lacking moisture. Weak & Damaged for hair that is so dry it is breaking or if you have colour in your hair. And finally, Normal/Fine for hair that is lack in volume and a bit limp.


Compare Prices On GHD Heat Protection For Hair Straighteners £9.70 free postage

Lookfantastic From £8.46

The Funky Group From £8.45

HQHair From £9.95

Jason Shankey From £9.95

All the stockists listed on this site are approved GHD internet retailers of GHD products & Hair Straighteners.

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