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MP Tries To Claim GHD £100 For Hair Straighteners On Her Expenses

We have been hearing alot about MP’s dodgy expenses of the latest couple weeks. Now it has been revealed in the Telegraph that Mrs McCarthy-Fry, who is Under-Secretary of State for Schools and Learners. Tried to claim £100 for a set of GHD Hair Straighteners that she got from a local hair salon in her Portsmouth constituency. Her claim was rejected by the claims office thankfully.

Mrs McCarthy-Fry said: “With regard to the hair straighteners, I fully accept this was a personal item that was claimed in error and was correctly rejected by the fees office.” Well i for one am getting more and more annoyed by these mistakes. Whenever a MP gets caught with there hand in the till, all the ever say is, it was a mistake. Well if you all keep make mistakes are you really fit for office? NO. GHD’s are a very expensive item and it is a real cheek that there are MP’s out there that think they can put this down as a expense, while the genera; public has to work hard and save to buy their straighteners.

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