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Great Savings On GHD Hair Straighteners This Summer

Anyone want to save some mony on there GHD Hair Straighteners this summer? If so i have got some great news for you -  Leading GHD hair styler stockists Girlznight are offering a great discount on there already low priced GHD Hair straighteners. With Girlznight you get a extra 5% of there online prices if you use the discount code SUMMER09.

Girlznight, are already one of the cheapest online retailers of GHD styler and are a approved online stockist. There prices start at £95.95 for the medium set of hair straighteners – and you can get a extra 5% off with the discount code SUMMER09. They also have the Pink GHDs, the Purple GHDs and the new limited edition GHD Rare.

Girlznight - Approved GHD Stockists

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Having Your Hair Coloured Is Expense – So Look After It

Everyday there are 10,000 of women across the UK that have there hair coloured in a professional hairdressing salon. A hair colour service (by this i mean full head colour or hi lights) is a very expensive service. It would not be unrealistic to spend well over a £100 on a colour in a hair street salon in most UK Towns and Cities. If you venture into London or Manchester you can easily double or triple this cost. So you spend a lot of your hard earned money on getting your hair coloured, so surely you want to make sure you are looking after your hair once you get home. This will, unfortunately involve a little more investment in a good quality shampoo and conditioner. A professional hair product product is best and will insure your colour is kept in tip top condition. Using the correct hair care products at home will prolong the life of your colour and help to keep it looking and feeling great in between salon visits.

So, here i’m gonna take a look at what GHD has to offer – The GHD Termodynamics Gaurdian Shampoo & Conditioner. These have been specifically designed for colour treated hair and have a added bonus of containing  heat protection properties – so if you style your hair regularly with GHD Hair Straighteners this could be the product range for you. Hair colour service leave the hair feeling dry, damaged and weak – this can lead to breakage and damage – NOT Good. This problem is further amplified by the extreme heat of hair straighteners, which can dry the hair out even more. Don’t get me wrong GHD Hair Stylers are very good and they won’t damage your hair as much as other hair straighteners, but they are not a magic wand. Any extreme heat can cause damage to the hair and this includes, hair dryers, curling tongs, hair straighteners and even the weather (remember summer holidays are coming).

The GHD Guardian Shampoo will help to prevent your hair colour from fading away. GHD Guardian Shampoo is a little Gaurduian angel for colour treated hair – get the name (Cheesy i know) as it has specially formulated colour-preserving products with both UVA and UVB protection (very important for your holidays), helping to preserve the vibrancy of your colour and enhancing its lustrous shine. To finish of you home hair care plans you should follow up your shampoo with the appropriate conditioner. GHD Guardian conditioner will help by enhancing the lustrous shine of the hair colour, while intensive moisturiser in this product conditions and makes the hair more supple and less prone to breakage and drying out. Remember, its best to use these products in tandem, it’s no good really just using a good quality shampoo then using a silicon filled supermarket shampoo and vice versa. Follow these basic tips and tricks and your hair colour will last longer and may actually save you money in the long run, because you won’t have to get your hair coloured so regularly.

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