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Hair Preparation Tips For Straightening With GHDS

Do you struggle with getting your hair perfectly straight? Follow these basic tips on how to prepare your hair for straightening.

Having straight hair is many a girls dream – smooth silky and sleek hair that can look both stylish and casual with a little tinkering. Thanks to advances in hair care technology, straight hair is not longer a dream. We now have some great professional standard hair tools to help us style and finish are hair at home to the highest standard. These include ghd hair straighteners, vogetti hair styler and corioliss digital hair straighteners – all great product which deliver great results. The only problem we have now is the ability to use these great products correctly to get the optimum results. So here we are going to take you through some basic steps of preparation so you can style your hair like the professional using your hair straighteners.

To begin with you will need to make sure you hair is washed and fully conditioned before you use your hair straighteners. This may seem fairly obvious, but you maybe very surprised by the amount of people who forget this basic step. This is important because if you leave old products in your hair they begin to buildup and you hair can become clogged and heavy. You then apply heat to these old dried up products and the products will begin to burn and melt and eventually damage your hair. So, just remember to wash your hair at least twice to make sure you get rid of all that nasty old build up. For best results try and use a professional shampoo and conditioner. You maybe tempted by the price of supermarket hair products, but they are not good for your hair, they have silicone and other chemicals that in the long run will do more damage than good.

The next step will be to blow dry and brush out your hair. This is also important, you do not have to fully blow dry your hair, just make sure it is not loner damp. Even at this stage we would recommend that you use some form of heat protection. Heat protection products can come in the form of creams, sprays and waxes (which also have styling properties). Even though professional hair straighteners are much better than your run of the mill styling tools any extreme heat can damage your hair and that includes hair dryers too.

Know that your hair is fully prepared you can begin to straighten your hair. Again remember to add very small amount of heat protection product to your hair. Try not to overload the hair, because this can make the hair look dull, heavy and lank. If you have prepared you hair correctly the whole hair straightening process should not take to long – just two or three pulls is all you should really need to get the job done.

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