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Hair Straighteners Fitted In Scottish Schools

I read a interesting article on the BBC website about hair straighteners being fitted at three schools in West Dunbartonshire Scotland. The idea behind this, is that they would encourage encourage more girls to take part in physical education. The local council bought them after teenage girls said they worried about having bad hair after PE lessons, and using that as a excuse, started dodgy there lessons. A article on this also featured in the Sun called “Mad Hair Day”

In total nine sets of straighteners have been installed in the female changing areas of three new” schools in the area which cost them just under £1000. Ar that price i reckon they could have been ghds. The council said the move was part of wider efforts to improve PE facilities. The Hair straighteners are now in place for female pupils at St Peter the Apostle, Clydebank High and Vale of Leven Academy. Lucky girls, is all can say to this, i wonder what they will get next – a MAC makeup counter maybe.

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ghd Purity Limited Edition Offer

GHD Purity OfferThere is new offer available we have just found online, which is Exclusive to to the official ghd website, for a limited time only, you can get a free shampoo, conditioner, heat-resistant case and free delivery with every purchase from the ghd IV styler collection. The shampoo and conditioner available are from the Guardian , Nurture, Replenish and Elevation range. So you get all these great products for not extra cost. The total value of these freebie is about £46 – so that not bad. ghd have said, that this offer with not be available indefinitely, so take a look while you can.

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Girlnight GHD IV Styler, Free Shampoo, Heat Mat & Delivery Offer

From 4pm today 27th October Girlnight will be running the following limited promotion on the ghd IV Styler for only £89.50.

What you get with this offer:

ghd IV Styler

Free Full Size TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo

Free Heat Mat

Free Standard Delivery

View This GHD Offer Here

Girlnight ghd Offer

This promotion will run until Thursday at the earliest, but may be extended until the end of the week – jump on asap or you might risk missing out on a great bargain from Girlznight.

TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo is specially formulated for use on hair after highlights, or on chemically treated hair. It’s not just for blondes and can be used by racy redheads, buxom brunettes… any vibrant colour or any hair which is in need of repair.

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Tis The Season To Be Wary – Of Fakes ghds On Google

Its around that time of year, when Christmas shopping will begin to kick in. You maybe well prepared and have everything sorted out already, or you may have left it to the last minute. If you are thinking of buying ghd Hair Straighteners for a loved one, you need to be careful and read what i have to say.

Having taken a look on the major search engines, such as Google using the term “ghd hair straighteners” – i have found that 2 of the website that show up on the 1st page are selling fakes. When i the search Google using the  term “ghd”, things are even more worrying. From this search term i found that, 5 of the websites on the 1st page are selling fake ghds.

This is very worrying indeed, and if you are not careful there is a good chance you will end up with a counterfeit pair of ghd hair straighteners under your tree. These websites look appealing, especially around Christmas, when money is tight. The price is attractive and they are selling “ghds” (yeah right) for less than £60. Do not be fooled, i know for FACT, that you will find it impossible to find a genuine set of ghds for less than £85. Seeing as GHD Styler Stockists (thats us ;-) ) and the  Official GHD Website, are on both pages for these search terms. You can work it out, that there can’t be many other websites left selling genuine ghd Iv Stylers.

As the last few shopping days approach, many of the approved ghd retailers, may well sell out over the Xmas. So plan ahead and buy earlier if you can. If you leave things late and the cheapest ghd retailers are sold out, then pay £5-£6 or whatever £ more from another approved ghd retailer. At least you know then, you will be getting the genuine article. Nearly all the fake ghds are shipped from China, so you have no comeback if you get caught it. Here is a List Of Fake GHD Websites for you to watch out for.

Safe Shopping & Merry Christmas

GHD Christmas Tree

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Free GHD Spa Product With GHD IV Stylers At Life & Looks

I’ve just managed to track down a really great offer on GHD Hair Straighteners from approved online stockists Life & Looks. They are giving away a Free GHD Spa Gift Set, worth £22 with any GHD IV Stylers or GHD Gifts. This includes the recently released GHD Pretty In Pink & the GHD Precious Christmas Gift Set. GHD Spa, is the luxury hair care side of GHD hair products.

This offer will be for a limited time only and once stock is gone, it is unlikely to be repeated. This added value GHD Spa set. would make a great gift for someone in its own right.

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GHD Precious

GHD Precious

Buy GHD Precious From Approved RetailersGHD have now released a all new limited edition GHD Precious IV Styler Christmas gift set for 2009. This new offer from world’s leading hair styler company will sparkle in your hands, whilst making your hair super straight or for some sexy waves. The GHD Precious is is a silver and black hair straighteners which has a similar design to the Purple GHD. The new gift set will also include a GHD travel hair dryer and will come with a heat resistant GHD roll bag which is decorated in shiny stones to create that really precious look. In my opinion, this looks better than the GHD Purple gift set. The GHD Precious could make a really great Christmas present for 2009. Please be aware of the number of websites selling fake ghd products and only buy from a approved ghd retailer. Have a great Christmas……

We Only Feature Approved GHD Retailers

GHD Precious Christmas Gift Set

GHD Precious Hair Straighteners

The GHD Precious Silver & Black hair straighteners have a very similar design to Purple GHDs, which were released as part of last year Christmas Gift Set. In my opinion, the latest GHD offer has much more classic and stylish look though. Last year the Christmas Gift Set sold out on all but one or two websites. This results in the remaining websites increasing there prices to £40 above the RRP. This was because, many buyers were purchasing in bulk and selling on ebay. To make sure you don’t miss out, its would be wise to get your order in as soon as possible.

As a recap this is what you get in this gift set:

  • GHD Black and silver baroque ghd IV styler – For endless, exquisite styles
  • GHD Travel hair dryer – Get real heat on-the-go
  • GHD Heat resistant roll bag – Keep your styling essentials safe with specialist styler and hair dryer compartments
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