GHD Rare

GHD Rare Glossy Black Limited Edition Styler Set

GHD will soon be launching there new Limited Edition IV  Styler some time in May. This new Styler is called the GHD Rare. The GHD Rare hair straightener comes in a glossy black finish will gold tinted plates. The GHD Rare styler comes packaged with a Leopard Print carry case and styler pouch and is encased in a velvet effect hard bodied box.

GHD Rare IV Styler - Limited Edition GHD Rare Glossy Black & Gold Styler

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All other retailers are out of stock and the above is the only website which still has the GHD rare available.

The GHD Rare IV Gift Set includes a hard, snap shut case for keeping your new styler safe and a striking leopard print pouch.

  • Black gloss ghd IV Styler with gold lettering
  • Gold ceramic plates
  • 2 year ghd warranty
  • Heat resistant, leopard print pouch
  • Snap shut, hard carry case with ghd lettering
  • Strictly limited edition

Be one of the first to experience the new breed of Limited Edition with GHD Rare. Inspired by the emerging leopard print trend of the season, this must have includes a Limited Edition GHD Rare IV Styler, heat resistant pouch and a convenient carry case.

Following the success of previous GHD Gift sets and promotional offers, the Limited Edition GHD Rare IV Styler is all about high-octane glamour with a subtle but sophisticated tribal look thrown in. The Limited Edition GHD Rare is an updated version of the best selling GHD IV Styler, incorporating gold text and glistening gold tinted ceramic plates.

The leopard print heat resistant Styler pouch fits neatly inside the beautiful flock finish carry case and serves as a perfect accessory to the your new GHD Rare Hair Straightener. All sites listed on our website sell genuine GHD Hair Straighteners, so you can have the peace of mind that you are buying from a authorised GHD stockist.

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List Of Websites Selling Fake GHD Hair Straighteners

I wrote a article a week or so a go about Fake ghds in Google Search results and i also read a interesting article on fake ghds in sponsored adverts. So here is a follow up which is a Fake Alert….here is a list of websites we know are selling fake, counterfeit, dodgy or what ever you want to call them ghds. I am not going to link to any of them, because i don’t want to give them any direct advertising. Please note, there are many more websites out there selling fakes and this is not a comprehensive list – but it should help you avoid buying a fake set of ghd hair stylers. If you know of any other websites that should be on this list, then please email me at or post a comment at the end of this page.

Counterfeit ghd Internet Shops

Please be aware, this is not a definitive list and I lack the time to update the list each day. There are hundreds, iof not thousans of other websites elling fakes. And yes, they will have ghd in the name, they will use official looking pictures and logos. We feature approved ghd stockists on this website, we know they are genuine and have the backing of ghd. If you are unsure, just buy from the Official GHD Website.

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Men Go Crazy For Hair Straighteners

Peter Andre GHDsPeter Andre has sparked a boom in the number of men wanting hair straighteners. Peter, whose divorce from Jordan finally came through last week, was seen on TV last week having his brother straightening his hair.

Demand is now so high that Debenhams have reported selling out of a mini version of there hair straighteners. Other male celebs who are fans of straighteners include David Beckham, Chace Crawford, Zac Efron and lanky footballer Peter Crouch. Debenhams reckon demand from men with short hair has soared – with more than 50 enquiries in one London store alone. Ed Watson, of Debenhams, said: ”It has been said that the metro-sexual is a dying breed and that 2009 has been all about the ’macho-sexual’. Debenhams don’t sell GHDS – but salon throught ut the UK have also reported a increase in the number of Mini GHDS being sold – these are the styler which are aimed at the male market. Men have also been caught stealling there partners hair straighteners, to style there hair before they go out with the lads.

The hair straightening trend began to gather pace in the early 1990′s as women looked to an alternative to the eighties perm. During the 00′s GHD introduced their ceramic straighteners – and we, finally! – had an effective weapon to eradicate those frizzy, bad hair days. But GHDs don’t just straighten hair, they can be used to create added texture, movement and volume – giving your hairstyle a more cutting edge look.

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Fake GHD Hair Straighteners Seized In Ireland

Just found a article on Gorey Gaurdian website about fake hair straighteners. GHD have issued a warning to the public about counterfeit hair straighteners currently on sale on the black market in the Gorey area, after three were seized at a market in North Wexford last week. The public have been warned to be careful around the festive period as many fakes will show up in local markets

The Gardai and representatives from GHD visited a market in the area last Friday, and seized three counterfeit GHD hair straighteners.

Brendan Cronin, Head of Sales with GHD Ireland said that the counterfeit products can cause problems and be very dangerous. ‘The consumers sometimes aren’t aware they are counterfeit and think they are getting a good deal,’ he said, adding that the quality of the counterfeit product is not as good, with inferior internal workings and electrical features. ‘We see thermostats not working properly and they don’t heat properly,’ he said. ‘Wires can pop out and this can lead to electrocution.’

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