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Fake GHD Websites Shut Down By Police In Raid

GHD IV Styler PricesPolice have took massive action on online fakers and have shut down more than 1,200 internet sites which conned Brits out of millions in a huge shopping scam that has been going on for the last 2 years. Theses sites sold designer goods including ghd hair straighteners, customer who purchased from these site either received fake goods, no goods and some cases had there card details stolen.

It has been reported in the UK press that police officers swooped on the bogus sites in a massive online raid yesterday. But detectives have warned no-one has yet been arrested and the gangs operating the scam are still at large. These website domains and accounts have now been frozen and if you try and visit these websites, you get a message saying either the url is invalid or the site cannot be found. Please beware thought that these faker, may try and set up new websites quickly, so only buy from a approved GHD Retailers.

Experts at Scotland Yard found hundreds of websites run by tricksters selling the fake goods in Asia. They conned shoppers into thinking they were dealing with British sites because their addresses ended “”. The crooks offered discount designer goods including GHD Hair Straighteners, Ugg Boots, Tiffany & Co and Links Of London jewellery.

A Met Police spokesman said 1,219 scam websites were closed by investigators working with a company called Nominet, which registers the “” website addresses.

People needing advice should contact Consumer Direct on 08454 040506. My advice would be, check if the site you bought them from still exists, if it does not, then contact your credit card company ASAP and see if they can cancel the transaction and get your money back…..try and act fast please!!!!!

Update On This Post

Please be aware that due to internet laws the UK Police and Trading Standards were only able to shut down websites with a domain. That great then, i might here you say, yes its good, but there is nothing to stop the fake GHD websites from using a .com domain name. A .com is global domain, but it can be set as a UK websites – basically it will be treated by search engines, like it was based and the UK. Meaning it will show up in UK search engine results. Just thought i would let you know about this loop hole, and to re-iterate that you should still be wary because there are still many fake GHD websites showing up in the search engines.

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