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ghdhairgenuinerealorfake.co.uk Trying To Scam You

Just to warn you all. Fake ghd website have adopted a new tactic. It seems that they are now setting up fake ghd guide websites telling you how you can spot a fake ghd – very good of them. At first the website seems genuine enough. They have gone for a crude, blog style design. This is an attempt to make it look like it has been created by a genuine blogger or concerned customer. This site is called ghdhairgenuinerealorfake.co.uk.

The website even links to ghdhair.com and to ghdhair.com Australia – this  improves its credibility in the eyes of the search engines like Google and Yahoo. However, as you can see from the screen shot below. It uses an advert in the top right hand corner. the advert is hidden in the code, so search engines are unable to detect it. This advert then redirects you to ghdhairoutlet-uk.com – a fake ghd website.

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GHD Christmas Gifts Sets

ghd christmas 2010

No! We have not heard of any new ghd Christmas gift set for 2010. However, its only a few months away now and I was wondering what your thoughts were. When ghd first launched a festive gifts set in 2007, we got a cream or brown leather bag and a selection of products, the year after in 2008 we had the Purple hair straighteners and a matching hairdryer and last year in 2009 we the release of the ghd Precious which also included a travel hair dryer.

 What would you like to see in the Christmas gift set for 2010?

Leave any ideas or guesses you have in the comments box below….you never know, you might be spot on!!!

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Fake ghd Straighteners Burn The Hair Of A 17 Year Old Girl

Customers in Leicestershire are being informed about the dangers of counterfeit hair straightners after a 17-year-old girl endured burns to her hair and scalp

Rebecca Day, coming from Braunstone Town, got section of her scalp singed and also here hair melted with a fake set of GHD straighteners.

Leicestershire County Council Trading Standards has seized 40 fake straighteners to date this year, but there are still tens of thousands out there.

They cautioned some may reach 285C, hot enough to melt human hair.

Miss Day said she received her straighteners as a birthday present. “They singed my hair and ripped it away from the roots. I was in agony.

And it ist not just fake ghd straighteners in our town’s. We have more and more websites selling these counterfiet goods – so make your you are careful.

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