Approved Retailers

There are literally 100′s of retailer online claiming to be Official GHD Stockists. Whilst many of them are actually approved stockists, there are still a large number out there selling Fake GHD Straighteners. The online stores selling these Counterfeit Stylers are getting them from the Far East. These are poor quality imitations and have passed no regulated safety standards.

At GHD IV Styler Stockists we have complied a list of Approved Internet Retailers below. All of these website have a first class reputation and excellent customer service. By buying from one of the retailers listed below you can guarantee that you are buying a genuine straighteners and that you 2 year  warranty will be valid. Checkout our List of Known Fake GHD Websites so you can avoid being ripped off.

We Only Feature Approved GHD Retailers

Approved GHD Stockists

All the websites listed above are genuine and approved ghd stockists. We have also included a link so you can buy your ghd straighteners directly from

Please beware that there may also be a number of other approved retailers selling genuine products, however due to our time and resource constraints we are unable to list every single shop, store or salon.

Whilst the fake goods being sold are made from sub-standard parts, to the naked untrained eye they can look very convincing. They are even harder to spot online because the website will still use photos and images of the genuine product. These images are often stolen from official websites.

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