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GHD IV Salon Styler

With the wide plated GHD IV Salon Styler you can smooth your thick hair to perfection and abolish any frizz and unruly hair with the brand NEW and improved, eagerly awaited GHD IV Salon Styler. If you have thick hair that needs straightening then the GHD IV Salon Styler is perfect for you. Its advanced ceramic plate technology straightens and smooths your hair , giving you the upper hand when it comes to taming frizz and creating that sleek, sophisticated look. Use our Guide to compare GHD Salon Styler prices to find the cheapest GHD Salon Styler stockist.

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The new GHD MK4 Salon Styler uses the same brilliant GHD technology, but the design is just a little more up-to-date. It has wider plates which mean that this iron is ideal for thicker or heavier hair, such as Afro-Caribbean. As well as straightening your hir fantastically, this versatile hair styler also allows you to create GHD curls, flicks and texture. Every GHD IV salon Styler comes with a free GHD DVD which takes you through some simple steps of how to curl with your new GHDs you have purchased…..happy shopping!!

GHD Salon Hair Straightener Prices

Take a look below to compare prices on the ghd salon stylers from genuine UK websites and stockists. All prices are updated everyday.

The Large GHD IV Stylers have a built in microprocessor which is totally unique to GHD and regulates the temperature 5 times a second. This GHD microprocessor pulses power through the iron and the LED light flashes constantly when switched on to indicate this.

GHD IV Salon Styler – Technical Features:

Advance Ceramic Plates
The ghd IV/MK4 Styler comes with the ultimate surface for a static free sheen.

New Rounder Barrel
For the perfect curls, waves or flicks, as well as a super straight look, the rounder barrel of GHD Salon Styler gives you ultimate hair styling control. It is now so easy to create waves, curls and flicks that you’ll never need the same look twice.

New Sleep Mode
A new sleep mode safely turns the heaters off on your ghd IV Styler when left unattended for 30 minutes. So don’t worry if you do forget, your house will still be in one piece when you get home.

Now with Universal Voltage
With universal voltage you can get optimum performance from your ghd IV/MK4 Styler anywhere in the world.

Unique GHD Digital Technology
Improved temperature control for even better styling, feel more confident with your ghd IV/MK4 Styler.

Shiver Mode
Internal condensation can damage stylers. So when the room temperature is below 8°C, your Large GHD Salon IV Styler will shut down to protect itself until the temperature rises again.

GHD Hologram
You can be confident you have purchased a genuine ghd product by this hologram sticker.

GHD Swivel Cord Attachment
The swivel cord attachment of the GHD Salon Styler helps stop the cord from becoming twisted.

GHD Floating Plates
Floating plates in Wide GHD IV Salon Styler ensure even pressure distribution for better hair straightening of thick and curly hair that can be hard to manage.

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