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The GHD IV Mini Styler is designed especially for men and for women with shorter styles. It is perfect for spiking, creating tight curls and straightening shorter lengths of hair. The Mini GHD IV/MK4 Styler is packed with the same advanced technology as the GHD IV/MK4 Styler and the GHD IV/MK4 Salon Styler, the main difference is that the Mini GHD IV Styler is fitted with narrower plates. Use are guide below to find the cheapest Mini GHD stockists which are available online – all our featured sites are approved ghd retailers.

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The GHD IV Mini Hair Straightener is the smallest version of everyones favourite hair straighteners from GHD. The Mini GHD IV Stylers is designed for those ladies with shorter lenght hair or for men. With narrower 13mm plates, you get a greater control when styling shorter lengths of hair than you woul by using the standard GHD IV Stylers. The MIni GHD IV Styler is also a highly versatile tool for creating tighter curls, including beautiful spirls. Many people own both the GHD IV Styler and the Mini GHD IV Styler for a greater variety of styling. The larger-plated GHD IV Styler is used for straightening and creating larger curls or waves, whereas the smaller-plated GHD IV Mini Styler is used for finishing of styles and when tighter curls or spirals are desired. And as mention before, the GHD Mini Hair Straighteners are great for men to use, yes thats right. Men can use Hair Straighteners too.

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